SWYCS as base solution for your Smart Home, control your home just from 1 App!

Get to know SWYCS. The all-in-one solution for project developers, architects, construction firms, housing associations and installation companies. The SWYCS Smart Home basic cabinet enables you to get the best out of equipment and smart devices in such places as homes, office blocks, schools, local authorities, industry, hotel and catering establishments and the agricultural sector. We are a certified Independent Service Provider. Use SWYCS and you will be ready for the future.

Optimum safety and comfort with SWYCS

Your customer will never again get lost in the forest of smart apps. He or she will just need one: SWYCS. The app gives you automatic access to your home, controls the centralized door locking system and enables you to manage your energy consumption. Meanwhile, you can switch on your favourite music for a while. All through a single app on a smartphone or tablet. All desired equipment and devices communicate with
SWYCS, irrespective of brand and type. You are free to choose what to buy and connect it up. Quick, easy, ‘plug and play’.


You are in control at all times.

  • Connecting: The SWYCS Smart Home basic cabinet connects all smart devices, sensors and players. Devices and equipment communicate with one another and work in harmony.
  • Amassing: All relevant data is read out, in real time or periodically.
  • Managing: All information is presented coherently through the online portal, which also allows you to manage simple processes remotely.


Reliable and stable
The SWYCS Smart Home basic cabinet works fully autonomously, with a guaranteed emergency power capacity of a minimum of 1 hour, a data backup of 1 month and a reliable and stable infrastructure.

SWYCS is unique in the world. Where other suppliers often stop at the software or the hardware, SWYCS offers an integrated total solution.