SWYCS is a Dutch tech company that is leading the IoT market (Internet of Things). The listed PNE Industries from Singapore recently invested heavily in SWYCS. "We have high expectations from SWYCS and think that many companies will use SWYCS in the foreseeable future," said PNE managing director Kevin Tan. PNE is a major player in the electronic equipment market for multinationals and sees SWYCS as a potential game changer in the IoT world.

One platform that can control and communicate with your smart devices and installations in your company or home? The Middelburg technology company SWYCS - See What You Can Save - thought that new concept. With Singapore's growth capital, it now expects to conquer the world.


At home, but also on the workfloor, the number of smart devices you can manage with apps increases. But with all the applications that run through different platforms and networks, management will be a difficultie. SWYCS unveils the digital spaghetti. And more than that. "Our system ensures that all smart devices and installations can" talk "with each other. No matter what type of device and manufacturer. Such a solution does not exist yet. ''


A small demonstration. Mr Riemens steps on a digital scale and immediately there lights up a lamp so that he can read the display better. "Normally, the scale and the lamp do not understand each other, but via SWYCS." And SWYCS not only connects smart devices, but also communicates with all (wireless) networks like ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE, EnOcean, Sigfox , LoRa and WiFi.

SWYCS consists of an Internet or Things gateway that looks like an internet modem with five antennas, a cloud layer containing data and a web portal with smartphone app. The dashboard is clear and so user-friendly, underlines Mr Riemens.



The invention, which he has developed with the support of a Zeeland business partner and the Zeeuws participatory fund, opens up new opportunities and at the same time saves the buyer a lot of costs and time because he does not have to buy and operate all kinds of hardware and software for his smart devices. "Our customer is ready when he gets SWYCS home. It is one product with a very wide application. The price is a no-brainer. You get a Rolls Royce for the price of an Opel. ''

Mr Riemens started his business in energy management. A home builder from the top 5 of the Netherlands will now install SWYCS in hundreds of homes, says Mr Riemens. "We already have a number of major customers. Global is growing interest. For example, IBM wants to work with us. And so, there are more major players looking for comprehensive building management solutions. That goes from wireless sensors that measure the air quality to automatically close doors. ''


‘All signs are green now’

In addition, the gateways are built at PNE Industries in Singapore, are in stock and are therefore available immediately. Mr Riemens chose five years ago for an Asian partner.

"At there the economic growth is the greatest. Singapore is a nice springboard. PNE also believes that SWYCS is going to be a million business. "In order to get out of SWYCS, Mr Riemens will enter a trade mission to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in September. That visit is led by former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

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