With this membership SWYCS will make an active contribution to speed up building NoM houses on a large scale.

With SWYCS, an Internet of Things infrastructure can easily be realized in homes and buildings. With this infrastructure, SWYCS helps their partners with the realization of  monitoring and reporting of zero-on-the-meter houses, preventive or predictive maintenance, longer home living concepts, smart homes and even smart city's.

These solutions are an essential part of zero-on-the-meter concepts, not only to measure the performance of these houses, but also to make the right data access and analyzes for reporting purposes. In addition to being a partner in projects such as Dura Vermeer, SWYCS is also active in the Stroomversnelling monitoring development table. Riemens: "By being an active member, we want to work together with all members to create a perfect solution for, monitoring and management zero-to-meter and smart homes and make houses and enoirements smarter."

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