The added value of Big Data when you combine forces and smart solutions

The collaboration with Tele2 IoT combines the SWYCS vendor-neutral and future-proof IoT infrastructure with the secure and flexible 2Route and 2Secure mobile connections from Tele2 IoT. A complete and secure connectivity-solution at your fingertips.

Generating and safely transferring data is one thing, Big Data will become more interesting when you use this data intelligently. This can be done, for example, in case of zero-energy housing (NoM), energy transitions, Smart Hiomes, but also in the field of preventive maintenance.

Dutch installation company Van Dijk Made was looking for an innovative and safe way to set up an efficient and smart way to manage heat pumps and building-related installations. SWYCS generates data from the various installations and Tele2 IoT provides a reliable and flexible way to transfer the data.

A good example of how data can work in your favor. By combining forces and knowledge, innovative total solutions arise where the ultimate customer benefits the most. 

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