Smart houses at your fingertips through cooperation between SWYCS & Dura Vermeer

Construction company Dura Vermeer and IoT company SWYCS work together to drag the home builtenvironment into the 21st century.

The parties recently signed a cooperation agreement on the large-scale roll-out of digital infrastructure in IRIS homes. The properties are managed from the IRIS app and are software optimized to connect seamlessly with the personal wishes of residents and future residents. In addition, the system can be expanded at any time with third party products such as Siemens home connect devices, IKEA smart lighting and Philips HUE.

The smart-home developed by Dura Vermeer and SWYCS distinguishes itself from other "smart"
homes through the so-called Smart Cloud. They learn patterns and make connections with products
and services that are linked to the home. Did the solar panels generate enough energy? Then the
dishwasher automatically switches on. If the water meter detects a leak, the water is immediately
switched off. Thus you will no longer enter a home with the floor under water.

Obviously, residents always have control over their own home. "Through a simple app, you have the
house at your fingertips. You can adjust the temperature, turn the lighting on or off, turn on the washing machine, monitor energy and water usage, open a window or
close, and more, "says Tristan Chater, Project Manager at Dura Vermeer.

Dura Vermeer wants to offer more and more of this type of integrated services in the future. Not
only in terms of residents' convenience and durability, but also for safety and predictable
maintenance. Dura Vermeer is looking for collaboration with housing corporations, insurers, delivery
services and other service providers.

The combination of proven IoT technology and 160 years of experience in construction and real
estate results in a unique and integral product. Dura Vermeer chose SWYCS because the system is
applicable to both residential and non-residential buildings. And more than that. Our system ensures
that all smart devices and installations can "talk" with each other. No matter what type of device and
manufacturer. Such a solution does not exists yet, " said Rene Riemens, CEO of SWYCS.

By the end of 2017, the first smart homes will be delivered in the sustainable district of Rijswijk-
Buiten. In 2018 a small 500 smart homes will be spread over various projects in the Netherlands.
Within 5 years, we only build and renovate smart homes, "says Chater. Thus, we take great steps
toward the smart cities of the future and we contribute to the energy transition. "

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