Energytransition and monitoring are inseparable connected

Get to know SWYCS. The all-in-one solution for housing associations, installation companies, project developers, architects and construction firms. The SWYCS Energy neutral base cabinet enables you to get the best out of equipment and smart devices in such places as homes, office blocks, schools, local authorities, industry, hotel and catering establishments and the agricultural sector. We are a certified Independent Service Provider. Use SWYCS and you will be ready for the future.


SWYCS makes Energy neutral easy

SWYCS gives housing associations, homeowners and tenants optimum insight into the sustainability of their property. All smart meters are read out remotely and an integrated Energy neutral base cabinet from SWYCS will enable you to monitor all relevant equipment and devices. Automatically generated reports make the energytransition complete. With the Energy neutral base cabinet, extending to such things as preventive maintenance and/or smart care is straightforward. SWYCS makes creating smart, fully Energy neutral properties easy.

Satisfied customers
The specially developed Energy app enables you to involve occupants in the energy transition and makes setting target consumption levels simple. The app will send both the occupant and (for example) the housing association a notification if the target consumption level is exceeded


Your work made easier:

  • Connecting: SWYCS ensures seamless integration of all primary and other systems and maintenance packages. No matter what type of system is used or what brand a piece of equipment is, SWYCS will be compatible with it. 
  • Amassing: More straightforward benchmarking due to the fact that we compile the unique data from all these systems in a report.
  • Managing: All information is presented coherently through the online portal, which also allows you to manage simple processes  remotely. Automatic reports can be generated periodically.


Reliable and stable
The SWYCS ZNE basic cabinet works fully autonomously, with a guaranteed emergency power capacity of a minimum of 1 hour, a data backup of 1 month and a reliable and stable infrastructure.

SWYCS is unique in the world. Whereas other suppliers often stop at the software or the hardware, SWYCS offers an integrated total solution.