SWYCS the number 1 Internet of Things service provider!

SWYCS is a universal and vendor-neutral infrastructure that connects wireless equipment and systems based on open standards.

SWYCS makes the Internet of Things accessible to your company using advanced yet highly accessible Internet of things infrastructure and solutions.

The SWYCS concept stands for integration of health, welfare, building maintenance, systems, ICT and energy management. This integrated platform offers an extremely effective and efficient environment to guarantee the security, welfare and comfort of the users of a building for a reasonable price.


SWYCS infrastructure

The unique benefit of the SWYCS Internet of Thinks infrastructure is the interoperable connection between all indoor and outdoor Smart Devices.
The SWYCS infrastructure is a digital Spindoctor connects and let
operate all wireless equipment and systems
together, based on open standards.





The SWYCS IoT Gateway

The SWYCS IoT gateway is the foundation for a comprehensive infrastructure in a building.
The unique multi-protocol SWYCS gateway enables wireless sensors and actors using different
protocols to communicate directly with each other.



The SWYCS IoT dashboard

The SWYCS web portal is a user-friendly and intuitive interface that enables effective set-up, monitoring and management of equipment. The SWYCS portal provides easy and convenient access to all of the data on the SWYCS Internet of Things platform. You can access the portal at any time and from any location via your PC or laptop.

All authorised users can easily make connections between measurements and activities.
One or more measurements can be programmed to trigger one or more automated activities.
For example, if a certain temperature or humidity level or a combination of both is detected, then a Heather can be activated, or for connected-health applications,
a doctor can be immediately alerted if a patient's heartbeat becomes irregular.

It become easy to improve your business processes, build a smarter, more save, or more comfortable envoirement with the SWYCS solutions. Applying SWYCS will reduces energy- and operational costs.

IoT Infrastructure:

  • One platform for all wireless connectivity
  • Multi-protocol gateway
  • Open protocol and API driven

SWYCS infrastructuur

  • Open standards
  • Generic handling of sensor data
  • Connects all Smart Devices through SWYCS gateway or thirt party API
  • Allows sensor and actor management: M2M communication!

SWYCS IoT Gateway 

  • Multi protocoll, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, EnOcean, WIFI, Ethernet, USB
  • Interoperable
  • Intelligence is enbeded in the gateway, local processing of activities
  • Autonomous operation: 1 month internal data storage and 1 hour battery backup

  • Vendor neutral: connect Smart Devices of all brands and breeds

SWYCS IoT dashboard 

  • One user interface (GUI) for all devices
  • Clear cockpit overview of historic and actual device status

  • Personalise your cockpit: multi-site overview, upload floorplan and drag&drop devices in the plan 
  • Automate your processes: switching scedules and settings based on If>Then>Else rules

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